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All cotton, cotton-linen blends, linen, silk and wool fabrics.
Historically correct clothing for museums, re-enactors, or
anyone needing clothing representative of the 1600's - 1890's.

Custom Garments for any time period.
Call for a quote on custom garments


Wedding Photo Clothing from Left to Right

1. 1890's Gibson Girl Blouse and Skirt (custom)
2. 1880's Day Dress (custom)
3. 1770's Polonaise & Colonial Skirt w/ruffle (custom)
4. 1750 Waistcoat, Missouri Riverboat Shirt, Drop front Pants, Leggins
5. Rev. War Waistcoat, Missouri Riverboat Shirt, Breechclout, Leggins
6. Longhunter Frock Coat, Drop front Pants



2014 is the 25th anniversary for Sew it Seams. What a ride it has been! I have been blessed in getting to do what I love for a living, while traveling all over the United States. I have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with some of the best people in the world! Rendezvous friends are truly a different breed. Thank goodness these great people far out number those that have been rude or inconsiderate. Those of you that have come to know me, know that it is very important to me to provide the highest quality of workmanship and textiles. All the time, keeping my profits between 0%-20%. I have never taken a salary or draw in 25 years. I have put everything back into the business so I could continue to offer the best possible, at fair and affordable prices. I have learned a lot over the years about period correct garments and textiles. Hopefully, I will never stop learning.

My husband and I have decided to close the tent flaps to Sew it Seams in 2018, just shy of 30 years! The set up, and tear down is getting to be too much. The increase in fuel, rendezvous fees, shipping, utilities, thread, textiles and everything else it takes to run a business is too much to absorb anymore. Please do not look for a “going out of business sale”, as I feel I have done all I can to keep my prices down. Whatever fabrics I have now, will be what I will have available. I have no plans to purchase anymore fabric. What this means to you, is, there will be fewer choices in the future. As I run out of garments or fabrics, they will no longer be available.

I will keep my website up and running as long as it pays for itself. I have seen a definite decline in internet business. The site costs me at least $250 a year in fees, plus management by a GREAT webmaster. I have to realistically look at what will be the best for my last 4 years of business.You all take care, see you down the road. Thank you for 25 great years!



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