Men's Shirt:
The Real Pre-1840 shirt.  It is worn long, fits loosely and has four gussets.  Made in cotton, linen, or cotton/linen blends.  These shirts are made in the traditional extra long length and run a size large.
S-XXXL    $55.00
Linen (when available)    $70.00
Wool or raw silk[when available]  $80.00

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Long Hunter Frock Coats:

Made in cotton,  or cotton/linen blends,   S-XXXL    $140.00

Linen as a fabric option   $150.00

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Extra Long Wool Pullover Shirt:
Heavy weight or blanket wool.  Should be bought one size larger as it is worn over other garments.
S-XXL    $100.00 and up (depending on available wool)
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1775 - 1776 Culpeper County VA Militia Shirt:
Made in cotton or cotton/linen blends, pullover shirt with double cape.  
Sizes:  S-XXXL    $130.00

Linen - $140.00

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Men's Drop Front Pants:
Made in cotton, or cotton/linen blends, with rear waist gusset.  This style of trouser was worn well into the 1850's    $60.00
Knee Breeches    $65.00
Wool Knee Breeches or pants    $75 and up  Custom order

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1700's French Fly Knee Breech (Not Shown):

Made in cotton, or cotton/linen blends with rear gusset and side pockets. 

Size: 30-50   runs one size large    $65.00

  - $75 an up    Custom order  only.

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f&i_waistcoat.jpg1750-1765 French and Indian or Revolutionary War Waistcoats:
Made in brocades heavy cotton or wool, lined with 100% cotton or cotton-linen blend.with working pockets with button flaps

S-XXXL    $95



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from Left to Right:  Rev. War Waistcoat, French and Indian War Waistcoat

1770's Sleeved Waistcoat
Made in wool with cotton or cotton/linen lining. with working pockets with button flaps
Sizes:  S-XL    $175.00, XXL & XXXL $195.00

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left to right: 1800's vest, 1810-1812 waistcoat and 1790-1820 waistcoat      1800's vest

1800's Vest:

Waist length vest made in wool or cotton and lined in cotton. The vest is fitted and has a shawl collar.
Sizes: S-XXL   $70.00

1810/1812 Men's Waistcoat
Worn waist length, single breasted with tall stand up collar and wide lapels, 2 small pockets.  Made in wool with cotton lining.
Sizes M, L, XL    $75.00

1790-1820 Men's Waistcoat
Worn waist length, double breasted with very tall stand up collar and wide lapels.  Made in wool with cotton lining.
Sizes M, L, XL, XXL   
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100% wool, cotton lined crotch.
6 ft long    $20, 7 ft long    $22
100% cotton
6 ft long    $14, 7 ft long    $16
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